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The Garments and Textiles industry presented its newest platform “Guatemalan Fashion”

vestex presenta su plataforma Moda País

The Garments and Textiles Industry (VESTEX, for its acronym in Spanish), member of AGEXPORT, launched its platform “Guatemalan Fashion” on November 20th, 2018. This platform focuses on the creation of national fashion brands and display proposals from Guatemalan designers internationally to position the country as a world leader on innovative fashion designs.

During its launch ceremony, members of VESTEX as well as fashion designers and other leaders in the fashion industry said that garments and textiles have greatly benefitted the country and its economic growth in recent years. Its potential, though, is still large not only internationally but also in Guatemala.

The garments and textiles industry has evolved throughout the years to comply with all requirements from clients regarding delivery times, quality, integration to global value chains and technology. Nowadays, we seek to become even more competitive and sell products with higher added-value, as well as create national brands, said Mr. Alejandro Ceballos, president of VESTEX.

The “Guatemalan Fashion” project will have a showroom in zone 4 of Guatemala City to display the brands of Guatemalan designers and allow consumers to see first-hand unique garments and proposals from Guatemalan designers. VESTEX is also developing an e-commerce platform to allow national and international customers to purchase these collections.

Guatemalan designers already have amazing talent to offer unique, innovative designs to satisfy the needs of both national and international customers. Our new “Guatemalan Fashion” project will offer personalized advisory to develop a specific identity for all designers’ brands to sell their products on key markets like the United States, Asia and Europe, said Mrs. Carolina Yafe, representative of the “Guatemalan Fashion” project.

“Guatemalan Fashion” will also offer training sessions, workshops and conferences to benefit fashion designers and teach them how to achieve international quality standards required to export their products.

For more information, please contact Mrs. Beatriz Mendoza, director of the “Guatemalan Fashion” project, at the following email:

Andrea Vides

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