Guatemala’s One-Stop Shop for Exports (VUPE, as it’s known for its acronym in Spanish) has taken important steps to ease trade procedures by helping almost 4,000 exporters to find all institutions related with exports on one single system, being an example in Latin America for its innovations to make processes simple and easy.

Our commitment is to always focus on easing foreign trade by simplifying all trade-related processes. This is why we signed an agreement with the Energy and Mining Ministry to create a digital platform which will allow exporters to obtain the required credentials to export mining products. These are the type of actions that we seek to achieve in order to improve the country’s competitiveness and, in turn, improve business climate; said Mr. Amador Carballido, AGEXPORT’s CEO.

With this agreement, companies who export mining products will be able to continue working from home or office and receive an electronic response in real time on a reliable and trustworthy system. As well, it minimizes the need for paper documents, reducing the risk of losing the documents and lowering response times at minimum.

The Mining Directorate will be in charge of implementing, managing and handling the services provided at the VUPE platform for mining products, while also making it easy for companies to fulfill all regulations needed by the ministry electronically. This system will make all processes transparent, secure and agile for Guatemalan exports; said Mr. Fernando Herrera, manager of AGEXPORT’s Services for Exporters department.

Andrea Vides
Andrea Vides
Guatemalteca, periodista desde hace 10 años. Apasionada por la comunicación. @avides_vgt
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