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Guatemala’s exports one-stop shop now interacts with customers from mobile devices

facilitad para emisión de código del exportador

Starting on September 3, 2018, exporting firms can enjoy a renewed Electronic System for Exports Authorizations, a platform developed by Guatemala´s One-Stop Shop for Exporters to intuitively fill out trade documents and submit them to the required institutions, along with other non-tariff requirements.

This platform, called Seadex Web, looks to ease export procedures in Guatemala, as well as guarantee a non-stop service. It offers a good experience to exporting companies through a friendly, practical and easy online system. The system improved its compatibility, allows the usage of electronic signatures and increased the number of countries with which it can exchange information. At this website, more than 892,000 transactions and 4,200 exporting companies are registered annually, said Mr. Estuardo Arriaga, manager of Guatemala’s One-Stop Shop for Exporters.

This new platform can be accessed through the following website: The entire renewal profess of the platform took approximately five months and included continuous verifications with the help of 40 exporting firms, cargo agencies and other users, as well as different teams of AGEXPORT.

AGEXPORT, and the One-Stop Shop for Exporters are working jointly on developing a business model to ease trade by working jointly with 12 public and private institutions involved in the authorization of exports, among them: the Tax Administration, the Agriculture Ministry, The Economy Ministry, the National Forests Institute and the Protected Areas Council. Having these institutions on one single office makes the One-Stop Shop for Exporters a world example on competitiveness and agility, said Mr. Fernando Herrera, AGEXPORT’s Services manager.

The service Seadex Web was first implemented on 1998 and since then has adapted new technologies to improve the platform. Nowadays, it is focused on providing a good experience for the Generation X, Generation Y and Millennials. As well, it has been continuously improved to allow access from multiple web browsers such as Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox. The platform is live 24 hours a day, the seven days of the week.

Another innovation recently added to the platform is its global accessibility and compatibility. Users can not only log in from personal computers but also from mobile devices. The website is completely responsive, making trade transactions easy and agile. The platform even allows users to electronically sign and pay for its services from everywhere in the world. Users can enjoy an experience of obtaining export permits with the required authorities without needing to physically be at a specific location, stated Mr. Arriaga.

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