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Guatemala, only country in Central America with a Brain Rescue Unit

Guatemala se une al día mundial del ataque cerebrovascular

The “Cerebrovascular Accident” or stroke is one of the five main death causes in Guatemala. As many as 1 out of 6 Guatemalans are expected to experiment a stroke throughout their lives and it is estimated that strokes subtract around 20% of a person’s expected life, being subject to a premature death due to this disease.

There is a lack of information among the Guatemalan population on Cerebrovascular accidents. At AGEXPORT’s Health and Wellness Tourism commission we are conscious of that and are committed to better inform Guatemalans, sensitizing and preventing this illness. That is why we are proud to have on our commission the company NeuroURC, the only medical institution in Central America that specializes in strokes. NeuroURC currently attends patients from Guatemala, as well as the United States, Mexico, Taiwan, El Salvador, Honduras, Belize, among others, said Mrs. Gianina Garcia, coordinator of AGEXPORT’s Health and Wellness commission.

Strokes can be prevented with a healthy lifestyle; nevertheless, there are risk factors that can trigger this illness such as high cholesterol levels, a sedentary lifestyle, obesity, diabetes, tobacco consumption, inadequate food intake and arterial hypertension.

We are the first brain rescue unit in Guatemala that offers conventional procedures for national and international patients. Our procedures are minimally invasive to cure brain and spine diseases. This puts Guatemala side-by-side with countries like the United States, Argentina, Japan and others, remarked Mr. Cristobal Salcado, founder of NeuroURC and member of AGEXPORT’s Health and Wellness Tourism commission.

The procedures given in Guatemala through NeuroURC do not require an open surgery, leaving no scars and lowering risks and anxiety on patients and their families. International patients also seek to take this procedure in Guatemala due to lower prices, allowing savings from 25 up to 85% on these specialized treatments.

Second national campaign on the World Stroke Day

AGEXPORT’s Health and Wellness Commission and NeuroURC joined the world fight against strokes and organized a campaign for October 28 in Paseo Cayala (zone 16, Guatemala City) to commemorate the World Stroke Day.

We expect all Guatemalans to join us on our second national campaign, where we seek to raise awareness on cerebrovascular accidents with different activities. The campaign mainly focuses on women, who have higher risks of facing strokes. Our campaign is very important as strokes can be prevented if a person pursues a healthy lifestyle, said Dr. Salgado.  

During the campaign, participants will enjoy free evaluations of blood pressure, vital signs, carotid doppler tests, nutritional evaluations, neurosurgeries, among others. Also, the campaign will offer conferences and talks with experts on prevention, control and treatment of cerebrovascular accidents, as well as interactive educational booths, distribution of printed material, brain scans, calculation of stroke risk scores and other activities.

Andrea Vides

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