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Neurosurgery, plastic surgeries and wellness services added to Guatemalan health portfolio for international patients


AGEXPORT’s Health Tourism Commission, with over 10 years of promoting Guatemala’s health services abroad, adapted to current trends and created highly-demanded health services that meet particular needs, services that are nowadays of high profitability in worldwide markets.

According to the study ‘International Health Tourism Dynamics’, every year around 14 million people travel worldwide seeking health services. For Guatemala’s health tourism industry, the past five years have been very positive, with growth rates from 10 to even 16% yearly, ending 2017 with profits of over US$70 million. We receive clients from the United States, Canada, Mexico and Central America, said AGEXPORT’s Health Tourism President, Dr. Guillermo Contreras.

With the idea of meeting current trends, AGEXPORT’s Health Tourism Commission redesigned its structure to focus on four strategic pillars: marketing, training, development of the industry and international positioning. Each pillar would be led by experienced businessmen in the industry. One key action towards these new objectives, the Commission plan to participate on the 9th Medical Tourism Congress in Aguascalientes, Mexico; which would take place on May 24th and 25th, 2018. During this Congress, 10 Guatemalan companies with support from the Tourism Institute (INGUAT) would display Guatemala’s health services to clients all over the world.

As one of our strategic pillars, we look to widen our portfolio of services and partnering with leaders in specific medical services to have them joining AGEXPORT’s Health Tourism Commission. We seek to have top dentists, neurosurgeons, plastic surgeons, dermatologists and hospitals joining our commission to be able to offer specialized services to international patients, stated Mr. Contreras. 

Dr. Contreras also remarked key strategic actions for 2018, including the promotion of ‘wellness’ services to be able to complement current services with preventive health options. Preventive health services grow around 14% annually and currently employs more than 2 million people around the world, giving an opportunity for Guatemala to promote its unique spas, thermal waters, yoga centers, locations for spiritual retreats, natural and alternative medicine centers, among others.

Andrea Vides

Guatemalteca, periodista desde hace 11 años. Apasionada por la comunicación. @avides_vgt