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The Guatemalan Corporate Social Responsibility Institute awarded AGEXPORT’s Women Empowerment Program for Cardamom Producers

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AGEXPORT’s project “Chabil Tzi Rubel Mu”, executed by its Cardamom Committee, received an honorific mention by the Corporate Social Responsibility Centre (CentraRSE) and the Ministry of Labor for being an inclusive company.

The project “Chabil Tzi Rubel Mu” has been working for seven years on empowering indigenous women on 21 of the municipalities of five departments nationwide with the largest cardamom productions: Alta Verapaz, Baja Verapaz, Huehuetenango, Izabal and Quiche.

It is a great honor for us to receive this recognition from CentraRSE and the Ministry of Labor for our project “Chabil Tzi Rubel Mu”. To date, we have benefited more than 7,000 indigenous women on rural areas with higher social and economic empowerment as well as tools for better production and commercialization of cardamom; said Mr. Jorge Mario del Cid, president of AGEXPORT’s Cardamom Committee.

The recognition as “inclusive business” is awarded to all organizations that value diversity and include it as a core value, promoting respect and appreciation for people’s identities and individualities. These actions directly impact the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals, specially goal no. 8: decent labor and economic growth.

With support from international organizations, AGEXPORT has implemented for four years a specific project called “methodology for economic empowerment of rural women”. With this business model, AGEXPORT has made possible the integration of rural women to global value chains on agriculture and manufacturing and was the basis for the project “Chabil Tzi Rubel Mu”.

In this program, integration of women on global value chains is a great opportunity to achieve higher economic growth, innovate and develop our sector. Because of this, ADECAR joined hands with AGEXPORT to actively promote this corporate social responsibility project. It is a win-win for rural women and businesses, as these women tend to remain as part of the companies even once the project is finalized; said Mrs. Yolanda Mayora, AGEXPORT’s Sustainability Manager.

More details about “Chabil Tzi Rubel Mu”:

  • The program starts with the promotion of small associations or cooperatives, currently joining more than 300,000 indigenous families around cardamom production.
  • Cooperation has been key in different stages of the project. Nevertheless, this cooperation always respects the philosophy of the project and helps with the employment of personnel on-the-field to expand coverage. Cooperation never goes directly as donation or investments on small companies.
  • AGEXPORT’s new committee of exporting businesswomen is a key partner in this project, as part of its objectives is to raise awareness of projects and initiatives lead by businesswomen.

Andrea Vides

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