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Public and private institutions signed an agreement for a sustainable and competitive development of tourism in Guatemala

Guatemala promueve el turismo sostenible

The National Tourism Institute (INGUAT) organized an event to commemorate the World Tourism Day, a global celebration of more than 38 years to display the contribution of tourism to the world and its sustainable development.

As part of the celebrations, INGUAT signed an agreement with public and private institutions (AGEXPORT among them) to promote a sustainable and competitive tourism in Guatemala.

The most efficient way to promote the development of tourism in Guatemala is through joint actions from public and private institutions guided on a common agenda of public policies. This, in turn, promotes an inclusive economic growth and sustainable development in the country. Because of this, we signed an agreement with different institutions to develop a competitive and sustainable tourism in Guatemala. This agreement will guide our steps for the upcoming 15 years, said Mr. Mario Chajón, director of Guatemala’s Tourism Institute.

AGEXPORT’s Sustainable Tourism Commission joined the celebration and agreed to continue promoting actions to achieve higher growth of this sector, with competitive and sustainable touristic services.

Our Sustainable Tourism commission works jointly with INGUAT, seeking to establish public-private actions to develop new and sustainable touristic products, always promoting high quality and sustainability in order to attract international tourists, said Mr. Ricardo Sagastume, president of AGEXPORT’s Sustainable Tourism commission.

This agreement seeks to establish the necessary action plans from public and private institutions that will (directly or indirectly) promote a competitive and sustainable development of the tourism industry in Guatemala. The strategic pillars of this agreement are:

  • Establishment of public policies needed for the development and management of a sustainable tourism
  • Raise awareness over the importance of tourism as a key sector for the socio-economic development of the country.
  • Propose reforms to the legal framework of this industry needed for its development, mainly reforms to INGUAT’s Law.
  • Promote the approval of a new law to incentivize the establishment of new tourism investments in the country.
  • Press for more financial resources for this industry from the national budget.
  • Build, improve and give maintenance to the necessary infrastructure for a competitive development of the tourism industry.
  • Increase the connectivity of tourism sites and ease transit to and from these destinations.
  • Consolidate and diversify the tourism sites of the country.
  • Promote the establishment of sustainable practices from tourism services suppliers as well as the development of innovative business models.

Strengthening the country marketing strategy, with a focus on both national and international tourism perspective

With the signature of this agreement, the importance of the justice system is also raised, mainly on expediting cases of felonies against tourists. As well, the strategic pillars detailed above will be guided by the country’s Tourism Masterplan, detailing specific projects and actions from all involved institutions, according to their scope of work and legal mandates.

The agreement also promotes the participation of different private sector institutions nationwide and exhibits the importance of the media as an information platform to display and spread positive news about the country that helps promote a good image of Guatemala as a key touristic destination.

Andrea Vides

Guatemalteca, periodista desde hace 11 años. Apasionada por la comunicación. @avides_vgt