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Learn about Guatemalan main exports to the United States


Wood products, fruits (fresh, dried or frozen), paper and cardboard products are some of the most important Guatemalan export products sent yearly to the United States. On 2017, Guatemala sold US$3.8 billion to the United States, 7.9% higher than on 2016.

The United States is one of our most important trade partners. Since 2013, Guatemalan exports to the United States have increased both in volume and value on products as varied as perfumes (with a 501% increase) and textile-produced gloves (with a 300% increase), said Mr. Antonio Malouf, AGEXPORT’s President.

From January to April 2018, Guatemala has sent US$1.4 million in products to the United States, 7% more than on the same period on 2017.

As part of our actions to keep expanding our presence in this important market, we organize a trade mission to Houston, Texas, which would take place from July 23 to 27, 2018. With it, we look help Guatemalan manufacturing and agriculture firms know about regulations applicable to enter the US market and establish business meetings with potential buyers. Apart from this trip, we also plan to have US buyers attending our most important fairs like Manufexport, New World Crafts and AGRITRADE, said Mr. Malouf.

Guatemalan-US trade, 10 years after signing the DR-CAFTA

    • Since the start of the DR-CAFTA, Guatemalan exports have experienced an annual growth rate of 3.6% and 5% on imports.
    • Foreign Direct Investment figures have also been increasing. On 2015 itself, US investments in Guatemala added up to US$347.8 million, 28.8% of the total amount of FDI received on that year.
    • The top 3 industries that gathered higher FDI from US sources were the energy industry (US$227.7 million), manufacturing industry (US$60 million) and trade (US$32.5 million).

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