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Handmade products from the Mayan World decorate US homes

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Guatemalan artisans use local woods from the Peten area like teak, katalox, chechen, granadillo, jobillo, gizmo, pixie and ziricote to produce unique handmade products with elegance and great designs. On this month, local producers will launch their new online catalogue to display and offer 35 exclusive products on the following website:  http://www.itzawood.com/lookbook-1/

AGEXPORT’s Handmade Products commission gathers 92 member companies that continuously implement best practices according to international requirements. This generates continuous innovation and transformation in their products. A great example is ‘Itza Wood’, a company that links local artisans in Peten with buyers in the United States. Their handmade exports are currently being seen as top-level for housing and decoration, said Mrs. Monica Diaz, coordinator of AGEXPORT’s Handmade Products commission.

Itza Wood’s new online catalogue offers 35 new products for international buyers, made with eight different certified wood types. Their products are made for kitchens, bathrooms and living rooms, among others.

Our new line of products is inspired on the simplicity and beauty of living in the Peten jungle. Our products show the natural art of Guatemalan woods. Customers can find products for everyday usage; yet, with high-quality woods that would last for ages. Additionally, our added-value is that we make sure that local sawmills use 65% of the remaining woods, said Itza Wood’s founder Mrs. Eliza Babarczy.

Iza Woods products are mainly sold in local markets and in North America, thanks to the company’s participation on international fairs in New York, USA.

We work with the most beautiful tropical woods available in the Mayan World, guaranteeing a high economic and social impact on local communities of San Andrés, Peten. In this area, we work jointly with local artisans as well as provide education for more than 400 students at our ‘Jungle School’. We have been able to guarantee these programs by seeking to export our products internationally, especially in the United States, said Mrs. Babarczy.

Itza Woods is one of the companies that plans to participate on the 11th edition of the New World Crafts fair, which would take place on September 18 and 19, 2018 at Casa Santo Domingo, Antigua Guatemala. This international event is organized by AGEXPORT’s Handmade Products commission and would offer the attendees an exhibit floor with 114 stands and official delegations from Honduras and El Salvador at the event.

Andrea Vides

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