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Guatemala ventures into the production of capsuled gourmet coffee

Guatemalan coffee in capsules

Guatemala’s food and beverages exports go to more than 60 markets across the globe, mainly El Salvador, Honduras, Mexico, Nicaragua and the United States. These markets represent 69% of the total exports of this industry.

On 2017, AGEXPORT’s Food and Beverages commission registered an important 9% growth compared to 2016 and ending the year with USD1,400 million in exports. For 2018, this commission of AGEXPORT seeks to help companies make more international businesses, providing key information, developing the capabilities of its member companies, promote innovation and strengthen its representation and communication strategies; said Mrs. Jennifer Mendoza, coordinator of AGEXPORT’s Food and Beverages commission.

Bru caps, first producer of 100% Guatemalan gourmet coffee on capsules

We are pleased to present our member company Bru Caps and its product Grana, the first entrepreneurship in Guatemala to produce coffee capsules of 100% Guatemalan gourmet coffee. This company is the only one in the region to provide Guatemalan coffee on capsules using state-of-the-art technology, remarked Mrs. Mendoza.

The coffee production process starts with small coffee producers located in Sacatepequez and Jalapa. Afterwards, Q Graders (professional tasters), highly-experienced coffee toasters and Bru Caps businessmen intervene in the production of artisan-made coffee of excellent quality. Lastly, this coffee is encapsulated with high-tech Italian machinery, entering the new era of coffee-making.

We are the first company in Central America to produce Guatemalan coffee in capsules, which are compatible with special coffee-making machines. Among with constantly innovating and industrializing our products, we are also offering the world a product with high added value, delighting our customers with our gourmet 100% Guatemalan coffee, said Mr. Roberto Rios, Bru Caps CEO.

This Guatemalan company produces as many as 2 million coffee capsules per year and seeks to become a top provider both in Guatemala as well as on international markets like Latin America and the United States which are the most important markets for capsuled coffee.

Grana currently offers four types of coffee: cappuccinos, americanos, lattes and espressos. Clients can find our products on different convenience stores and department stores, as well as special stores for gourmet products, said Mr. Ríos.

Andrea Vides

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