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Guatemala organized its first “Creative” Fam Tour for foreign filmmakers

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With support from the National Tourism Institute (INGUAT, for its acronym in Spanish), AGEXPORT organized its first filmmaking fam tour. This event took place on October 21-26, 2018 with the objective of promoting the Guatemalan top destinations for filmmaking. The tour also looked to display the creative talent for films and audiovisual productions that Guatemala offers.

Our Creative Industries Commission (ICREA) established the organization of a special fam trip as a strategic project for 2018 and we were able to make it happened due to the support offered by INGUAT. We invited a total of six international filmmaking producers for this first fam tour from countries like Argentina, Colombia, the Dominican Republic, Mexico and the United States. During this tour, we took them to different locations in the country as well as showed them our infrastructure and the portfolio of services offered for the development of this industry, said Mrs. Mariam Polanco, president of AGEXPORT’s ICREA commission.

Member companies of ICREA carefully revised the participants of this first fam tour and selected the following filmmakers: Evelyn Leon (Executive Producer of Conexión Films), Juan Arellano (movie director and photographer), Leopoldo Proaño (Executive Director of CID Films), Matias Postiglione (Photographer), Abril Hernandez (audiovisual producer) and Adriana Rueda (creator of Colombia’s country brand).

After one intense week of displaying Guatemala’s film locations, we ended the fam tour with a total of 57 business meetings were the 14 Guatemalan companies (all members of ICREA) were able to display their services portfolio to the visiting filmmakers.

Among the different services offered by ICREA companies are: co-production, rental of top-class filmmaking equipment and special cameras for virtual reality, 2D and 3D animation, among other services.

This fam tour was a joint effort pursued with the Tourism Institute (INGUAT) who also looks to strengthen the image of the country as a filmmaking destination, said Mrs. Polanco.

AGEXPORT also pursues other projects with help from INGUAT, including the development of an Investment Guide for audiovisual companies, which would include macroeconomic data, a directory of providers and the identification of different public, private and academic institutions that help this industry. As well, AGEXPORT works with the Economy Ministry and the National Competitiveness Program (PRONACOM) to develop the legal framework needed for this industry.

Andrea Vides

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