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Guatemala offers improved services on laboratory analysis and calibration of measurement equipment

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More than 80% of all Guatemalan exporting firms are supported by AGEXPORT’s Labs Commission, which among its 20 years of existence has offered lab analysis services and measurement services. These companies use state-of-the-art technology and are internationally authorized to provide these services, contributing to raise Guatemala’s competitiveness abroad and help companies on different industries, including agriculture, manufacturing, aquaculture, mining and garments. With these services, the country guarantees high-quality products with the highest safety standards and made possible exports for USD11 billion on 2018.

Guatemalan companies find several benefits when they have product certifications provided by one of our laboratories, as they can offer competitive prices and great satisfaction to their customers with quality and safety standards. This, in turn, creates a long-term relationship with existing clients and open new markets as well. It is important for countries like Guatemala that seek economic development through foreign trade to invest on a good “quality infrastructure” that supports different sectors, including agriculture, manufacturing, industry and services. Our Labs Commission at AGEXPORT offers cutting edge services with trustable and approved results on the most important international markets, said Mrs. Alba Bran, president of AGEXPORT’s Labs Commission.

Guatemalan businessmen intending to export their products need to demonstrate the compliance of both national and international regulations, which is why having a good “quality infrastructure” and recognized laboratory service providers in Guatemala is extremely important. With this in mind, the institution organized its first GuateLabs Expo, to provide an opportunity for more than 100 small and medium enterprises to meet 20 industrial laboratories that currently offer their services on areas like quality control on raw materials, production processes, supplies and finished products. As well, these companies offer evaluations of CO2 emissions, workplace safety, food safety and agriculture productivity.

Threw an innovative and dynamic model, we organize 20 simultaneous conference of 20 minutes each where we remarked the importance of our services and also display other important topics, including having a technical backup to comply with international certifications, international contracts and foreign regulations. We also shared some of the specific services we offer, including noise measurements, traffic measurements, nutritional information of food products and net weight of ground transportation trucks; said Mrs. Bran.

Mrs. Alba Bran also explained how AGEXPORT’s Labs Commission is part of the institution’s innovation ecosystem as these companies continuously support research and analysis as well as the design of new products and processes as the current global demand requires high added-value products and services.

We recently received information from the Economy Ministry’s Quality Directorate that the government’s “National Quality Policy” is soon going to be issued and implemented in the country. With this policy, the government will spread information on quality-assurance services for both industry and commercial companies as well as its benefits on customers and the entire Guatemalan population. This is a great step for the country in promoting a quality culture and puts us as a regional leader in this topic; said Mrs. Bran.

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