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Guatemala focuses on agribusiness on AGRITRADE 2019


Unión Europea

More than 180 representatives of international supermarkets, distributors, brokers and importers from the United States, Canada, Mexico, Spain, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Honduras, Chile, Panama, Taiwan, England, the Netherlands, France, Japan and Colombia visited Guatemala seeking to take home fresh, high-quality Guatemalan products and establish long-term trade relations.

The 19th edition of AGRITRADE Expo & Conference, with support from the European Union’s AL-Invest 5.0 program, became the ideal event for 250 exporters, producers and brokers to display Guatemala’s high-quality and high added-value agriculture products. Products like peas and ready-to-eat vegetables suited for vegan consumers, processed and frozen bananas for bakery products, frozen vegetables for agribusiness, bouquets of exotic flowers, coffee, among others; said Mr. Estuardo Castro, president of AGEXPORT’s AGRITRADE platform.

Guatemala’s export-quality products showcased at this event included mangoes, avocados, limes, papayas, plantains, pineapples, bananas, blackberries, melons, blueberries, pitayas, rambutan, cherries, apples, pomegranates, peas, mini vegetables, pumpkins, cherry tomatoes, broccoli, green beans, tomatoes, asparagus, peppers, among others.

AGRITRADE 2019 became the “business hub” for agriculture businesses of the Central American region. More than 3,000 business meetings were held on the five different business rounds organized throughout the event, including one exclusively between exporters and international buyers, another to join suppliers with exporters and local producers, 100 meetings between rural farmers and exporters, virtual meetings with buyers from the United Kingdom, the US, Chile, Canada and Mexico; as well as special meetings between coffee growers and key international buyers; said Mr. Castro.


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