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Frozen and processed fruits and vegetables from Guatemala are the agricultural innovation for the consumers


The agricultural sector of Guatemala generated more than US$1,263 million from the export of fruits, vegetables and ornamental plants to the United States, making this North American country the main commercial partner for the export of Guatemalan agricultural products.

A delegation of 50 exporters will participate in this new edition of PMA Fresh Summit, who through the AGRITRADE Platform will represent the country in the “Guatemala Beyond Expectations” pavilion.

“Guatemala has been participating in PMA Fresh Summit for 31 consecutive years. This has played a key role in the export history of the Guatemalan agricultural products, making the United States its main trading partner. On this occasion, the Guatemalan delegation presents fresh, frozen and processed products ranging from peas, mini vegetables, flowers and foliage, to agro-industrial products. We are aiming to generate an estimated US$5 million in short and medium term export earnings, and for this purpose, we will arrange business meetings with international buyers, suppliers of products and services from the United States and Canada”, said the President of the AGRITRADE Platform, Estuardo Castro.

The Guatemalan agricultural offer that will be presented to visitors from more than 60 countries includes: peas, sweet peas, french beans, baby corn, mini carrots, zuchinni, Patty pan sunburst, oriental vegetables, blueberries, the mango varieties: Tommy Atkins, Ataulfo, Kent and Keitt, Tropical slips, cold weather slips, foliages and cut flowers, bromeliads, tillandsias, orchids and roses among others.

“For this edition, Guatemala prepared more than just a product exhibition, it prepared an experience and for this, the international chef, Manuel Tol, who participated in the TV Show MasterChef, will elaborate international dishes with the Guatemalan agricultural products that will be exhibited at our booth. This activity will be promoted to buyers and media that will attend the 19th. Edition of AGRITRADE Expo & Conference”, Castro indicated.

The Guatemala Beyond Expectations Pavilion has a booth of 800ft and is integrated by a group of 8 Guatemalan companies: Coprisa Agroexport, San Juan Agroexport, Grupo Molina, DFT Agrotropic, The commission of ornamental plants, foliage and flowers from Guatemala, The Guatemalan Snow Pea and Vegetables Committee, Taiwan -ICDF Agribusiness Project, GT and APL.

Andrea Vides

Guatemalteca, periodista desde hace 11 años. Apasionada por la comunicación. @avides_vgt