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Exports Pathway: A platform to guide 400 Guatemalan SMEs to international markets

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AGEXPORT designed its ‘export route’, a model that embodies all its 36 years of experience in helping firms (both small and big) and entrepreneurs develop better business capacities and enter exporting value chains. 

The ‘Exports Pathway’ is a model developed by AGEXPORT to create new exporting companies through six stages that combine training, advisory and practical experiences to establish an exporting plan that would allow companies to take their products and services abroad.

AGEXPORT is an institution committed with helping Guatemala reduce its poverty rates and boost economic growth. Based on our experience, the best way to achieve these objectives is by helping companies become exporters. That is why we seek to provide companies with what we do best: ease the development of export-quality products and services. To date, exporting firms create more than 1.5 million jobs and are part of a new generation of globalized firms. Now, our ‘Exports Pathway’ is a value proposal to help companies grow and enter international markets. With this, we hope to boost our country’s economic development, take small and medium companies to global markets and even help companies that already sell their products abroad look for additional markets, said Mr. Amador Carballido, AGEXPORT’s CEO.

This new project is the culmination of a 19-month work of different areas of AGEXPORT, including the Competitiveness division, the Foreign Trade School, the Marketing department, Market Development and Trade Promotion, as well as all exporting industries represented at the institution.

Our ‘Exports Pathway is designed in such a way that focuses mainly on entrepreneurs designing a business model around exporting products and services, as well as on already existing firms selling locally. Through the ‘export route’ we will offer solutions for companies to export, especially those firms entering the Route from its first stage, which are expected to end the process selling abroad. The ‘Exports Pathway’ takes an estimated time of 25 months and firms are taken close care during the entire process, said Mr. Fernando Herrera, Manager of AGEXPORT’s Services for Exporters division.

The ‘Exports Pathway’ is comprised on six stages, starting with entrepreneurs (stage 1); the design of an exporting business model for local businesses looking to sell abroad (stages 2-5) and already exporting firms looking to improve their enterprises and diversify their international markets (stage 6).

Our goal for 2018 is to integrate 400 of our member companies into the ‘Exports Pathway’, with a special focus on small and medium enterprises. Our unique business model will allow us to diagnose each of these firms and allocate them on the stage they belong, to help them conquer new markets with their products and services, said Mr. Herrera.

For all its member companies, AGEXPORT created an electronic tool for companies to self-assess their strengths, weaknesses and improvement areas to sell internationally. The assessment is designed for business owners and management teams to grade their progress on 12 key business areas.

The results given by this self-assessment tool and the experience and expertise of our team of managers and coordinators in charge of our 25 business commissions will help us to correctly allocate each one of our member companies into the ‘export route’, said Mr. Herrera.

If you would like to know more about AGEXPORT’s Exports Pathway and become part of this process, send an e-mail to Hector Marroquin (hector.marroquin@agexport.org.gt) or Luisa Fernanda Porras (luisa.porras@agexport.org.gt) or call (502) 2422-3601 / (502) 2422-3523.

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