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AGEXPORT’s government policy plan to create 981,000 new jobs during the next government administration

propuesta para generar empleo formal en Guatemala

Recent studies and surveys show that Guatemalans main concern currently is related with their economic conditions and employment opportunities. In fact, the Guatemalan Social Security Institute (IGSS, for its acronym in Spanish) reports that only around 20,000 new jobs are created yearly, while the country needs approximately 600,000 new jobs each year.

With the general elections scheduled for this year, the best government plan that can be offered to our country is one that sets detailed actions to create more employment opportunities. As such, we proposed our own set of public policies for the period 2020-2023 called “Returning to a Job Creation Pathway”, with which we estimate that as many as 981,000 new formal jobs can be created during the next four years. Our policy plan details both actions that can be easily implemented from the day the new authorities take office and others that need further development and be included on budgets and agendas of involved public institutions. Among those actions that can be easily implemented, we include regulations on part-time labor as well as establishing a foreign investment plan and build new road infrastructure projects; said Mrs. Connie de Paiz, AGEXPORT’s president.

These document focuses on three strategic pillars, including investment attraction, human capital and infrastructure. With the implementation of all actions detailed in this plan, the country can increase its economic growth on as much as 4.2% yearly and reach exports for more than USD14.5 billion by 2023.

Exporting firms have the possibility of generating formal employment as international markets are virtually limitless. If we are able to establish more international contracts, we need to increase our production and that, in turn, requires more employees. Nevertheless, we need to be clear that our socioeconomic development will be the result of aligned policies from the country’s three powers (executive, legislative and judicial). Our proposal not only includes general actions, it also details 36 specific proposals to help our exporting industries grow, including admissibility to international markets, strengthening local authorities, research and development, logistics, combatting contraband, among others; said Mrs. de Paiz.

All six exporting sectors represented at AGEXPORT have specific policies detailed in the proposal: Garments & Textiles, Agriculture, Aquaculture, Manufacturing, Contact Centers & BPO and Services. Guatemala has the potential of increasing its participation on global markets with the implementation of those actions and the competitive advantages of the country, that include a “demographic bonus” and natural resources; as well as different global trends like connectivity, premium products, importance on experiences, sustainability, among others.

Our proposal to create 981,000 more jobs during the next four years can be achieved by boosting our productive industries as well as increasing the country’s competitiveness, attracting more investments, increase public-private partnerships and reach consensus among the Executive, Legislative and Judicial branches, concluded AGEXPORT’s President.

Other actions included on AGEXPORT’s proposal include modifying the country’s macroeconomic policies, establish development projects for the country’s human capital, modernizing the country’s customs offices, ports and airports; establish a legal framework for e-commerce, international agreements to avoid double taxation, increasing the broadband coverage in the country, among other actions.

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