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AGEXPORT appoints new representatives for its Agriculture Council

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AGEXPORT’s Agriculture Council is a complimentary body to assist the directory boards of agriculture commissions and committees on different agriculture-related affairs.

This Council is comprised by the presidents of all agriculture commissions and committees, as well as other board members appointed to be part of the Council.

On March 2019, AGEXPORT’s Agriculture Sector organized the 2019 General Assembly to appoint new representatives for the Agriculture Council and elect its 2019-2021 Directory Board, designating Mr. Jorge Mario del Cid as President for this period. The following members were also elected to be part of the 2019-2021 Directory Board:

President: Mr. Jorge Mario del Cid (Cardamom committee)

Vice-president: Mr. Ricardo Sieveking (Peas and Vegetables committee)

Secretary: Mrs. Judith Quevedo (Citrus committee)

Treasurer: Mrs. Lorena Agüero (Berries committee)

Director: Mr. Amílcar Alvarez (Ornamental Plants commission)

Director: Mr. Fredy Hochstetter (Avocado committee)

Director: Mr. Guillermo Rodríguez (Specialty Coffee committee)

Director: Mr. Estuardo Cobo (Mango committee)

Director: Mr. Jorge Ibarra (Beekeeping committee)

Director: Mr. Peter Schellenberg (Cocoa and Chocolate committee)

Director: Mr. Carlos Briones (Agriculture Suppliers commission)

As part of his end-of-period speech, former president Tulio García focused on the key importance of the Agriculture Council and its influence on the Guatemalan agriculture sector, as it represents both producers and exporters of non-traditional agriculture products with different public and private institutions.

He also stated his full support to all projects and initiatives pursued by the Council’s new directory board as these initiatives would directly benefit the country and the different agriculture companies represented in AGEXPORT.

The 2019-2021 Agriculture Council’s Directory Board established as main goal the approval of a Strategic Plan, based on the following pillars:

1) Developing new products and expand the country’s variety of agriculture exports

2) Access to new international markets

3) Implementation of new technology for research, development and innovation

4) Improvements on competitiveness and business climate

5) Compliance with international regulations on food safety, plant safety and quality

 6) International cooperation and alliances with key stakeholders

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