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16 brands of roasted, packed and ready-to-export coffee participated at the 1st edition of Coffee Trade


Cooperación de la Unión Europea en Guatemala

16 different brands of roasted and packed coffee were auctioned at the first edition of Coffee Trade Guatemala, an event organized by AGEXPORT’s Specialty Coffees commission with support from the European Union’s “More Competitive Cooperatives and SMEs” project. The event took place at the 19th edition of AGRITRADE Expo & Conference.

The first bid took place under the guidance of Mr. Guillermo Rodriguez, president of AGEXPORT’s Specialty Coffees commission, with samples of ready-to-export coffee and buyers from Latin America, Asia and Europe.

The starting bid was established at US$10 per pound of roasted and packed coffee, and each brand reached different prices, with a minimum of US$16 and a maximum of US$68 per pound. This highest price was given to “Café Apolo” from Olopa, Chiquimula department.

During the event, national coffee experts shared experiences with the attendees on how to taste coffee and how to prepare coffee-based beverages. They also shared useful tools on how to improve techniques to produce high-quality specialty coffees.

As part of the activities planned during Coffee Trade, “Café Apolo” received a price for reaching the highest bid during. Other companies like Yalipur and Flora also received prices for best coffee grower and best company, respectively.

Coffee Trade 2019 took place on March 22-23, as part of the activities of AGRITRADE Expo & Conference, in Antigua Guatemala.

The brands that participated at Coffee Trade reached the following prices:

  •         Apolo, US$68
  •         Hacienda Yalipur, US$63
  •         Servinagri, US$65
  •         Cepa Global, US$62
  •         Flora, US$55
  •         Acodihue, US$52
  •         Tostaduría Casa Blanca, US$51
  •         Café Monte Carmelo, US$50
  •         Nueve Aguas, US$50
  •         Pachilhá, US$48
  •         DW, US$36
  •         Chica Bean, US$35
  •         Asasapne, US$35
  •         Finca del Rincón, US$31
  •         Café Quetzal, US$17
  •         Guatemala Real Café, US$16

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