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Which products are exported by air from Guatemala?

Boletín logístico

AGEXPORT’s Competitiveness department publishes monthly its Logistics Bulletin, a publication with the latest information on topics related with logistics (by ground, air and sea).

The latest edition of the Logistics Bulletin focuses on air shipments data from Guatemala. Our analysis includes both imports and exports by air, as well as key destinations and airlines used. Also, the Bulletin displays the main products exported by air and the seasonality of these products, said Mrs. Wendy Mena, Competitiveness Analyst.

Please download the latest Logistics Bulletin to learn about the main airports for Guatemalan air shipments as well as the type of cargo sent (perishable vs non-perishable). Additionally, the Bulletin also includes other information such as monitoring of the Tax Administration’s random customs revisions and other important information.

To access this Logistics Bulletin, along with other logistics information, please visit AGEXPORT’s Competitiveness Observatory through the following link: http://observatoriocompetitividad.hostagexport.com/monitor-logistico-agosto-2018-movimiento-de-carga-aerea-a-julio-2018/



Medio de comunicación que informa sobre los sectores de exportación de Guatemala.