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The most important segments of e-commerce during the COVID-19 pandemic

e-commerce y las exportaciones

AGEXPORT’s Market Intelligence Unit started a research and identified 25 exports categories that registered up-to 300% increases during the COVID-19 crisis.

We recommend Guatemalan companies to study in detail the options to sell products via e-commerce, either by developing their own websites and online platforms or joining existing channels like Amazon. The first option will imply a higher investment on software development and advertisement, but will allow more freedom, companies would be able to advertise the entire platform and take advantage of other advantages of owning the platform. The second option is cheaper to implement at first, but makes it difficult to implement a pricing strategy and the development of the brand; said Mr. Jorge Garcia, analyst at AGEXPORT’s Market Intelligence Uit.

As well, Mr. Garcia said that an online platform is not all. The seller needs to also consider topics like the way in which the supply chain will change with this new online platform, how to adjust customer service and even take into account the costs that these new methods imply.

E-commerce has increased since the start of COVID-19 and in order to take the most advantage of it, companies need to align their strategies with this new selling channel; said Mr. Garcia.

Learn more about what products are experiencing higher demand during the pandemic period in this infographic:

e-commerce en las exportaciones

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