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The government presented a guidebook for cinematography and audiovisual productions in Guatemala

producciones audiovisuales en Guatemala

The Guatemalan Tourism Institute (INGUAT, for its acronym in Spanish) published a “Guidebook for Cinematography and Audiovisual Productions in Guatemala”, with the objective of strengthening the film industry and promote Guatemala as a film destination.

This guidebook was made with the help from the Creative Industry Commission of AGEXPORT, along with the Guatemalan film director Jayro Bustamante, who has wide knowledge on this industry.

INGUAT recognizes the need to promote Guatemala as an investment destination, and mainly with industries that take advantage of our touristic potential and cultural resources. Along with this guidebook, we expect to develop expedite mechanisms for bureaucratic processes related with the cinematographic industry in our country; said Mr. Jorge Mario Chajon, director of the Tourism Institute.

Through the “orange industry”, Guatemala can display its unique identity, its customs and traditions, as well as persuade international tourists to visit Guatemala, creating a positive impact for the country.

We thank INGUAT for the alliance we were able to make, which will allow us to share a common vision and promote the film industry abroad, which will give a positive impact on the Guatemalan economy. This Investment Guidebook on the Cinematographic and Audiovisual Industry is an important tool to help Guatemala to become a film destination. This document is the key to promote our diversity of locations and services of high added value with investors and producers from all over the world; said Mr. Amador Carballido, AGEXPORT’s CEO.

One of AGEXPORT’s Creative Industry Commission main pillars is to strengthen the creative community and find complimentary services to be able to host large international creative projects and even be part of global value chains of this industry.

With this guidebook, the government will also seek to promote tourism and the attraction of foreign investments in this, as the document will be shared and advertised internationally. The book will share touristic sites, cultural areas as well as local professionals in this industry.

In a country like Guatemala, with the need to create more formal employment opportunities, the creative industries open interesting opportunities to develop the country, especially for young Guatemalans that have already developed a strong digital talent; said Mr. Carballido.

According to the Inter-American Development Bank, Guatemala holds the second place of the Latin American region in terms of digital productions and employment opportunities in this industry, with an estimated amount of 700,000 job posts related with the orange industries.

In terms of exports, there is an estimation of more than USD13 million exported from Guatemala on creative services, sent to markets like the United States, Canada, Colombia, Brazil, Europe and the rest of the Central American region.

Andrea Vides

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