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The Fire Department received donations of protective gear and hygiene products

Entregan donaciones a Bomberos Voluntarios

AGEXPORT started two months ago a movement called “Exporters United for Guatemala”, knowing that Guatemala needs the help from everyone and only with solidarity and empathy the country will be able to overcome the current situation. As part of this movement, the institution started collecting funds to purchase protective gear and other supplies needed to protect the health of vulnerable communities, rural agriculture producers and public servants. This time, AGEXPORT supported 134 Fire Departments nationwide.

Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, AGEXPORT has worked extensively to support the social, cultural and economic change that the current situation is leading us to. And we are taking these steps with great care and focusing, above all, on the health and wellness of our workers, members of our association and members of our community that are at the frontline of this emergency. We are aware that we will not be able to get through this pandemic by ourselves, we need the support of everyone, which is why as exporters we are all united to support Guatemala; said Mr. Amador Carballido, AGEXPORT’s CEO.

The donation to the Fire Department was possible with a donation from Coca-Cola FEMSA, company member of AGEXPORT’s Food and Beverages Commission. The company donated 5,000 KN95 masks that costed a total of Q120,000 (US$15,500).

We are extremely happy to be able to contribute to the heroes that take care of us and protect us as Guatemalans. With this donation, we remark the importance to be united as country to be able to move forward; said Mrs. Gabriela Arias, Corporate Affairs Manager of Coca-Cola FEMSA.
Among other supplies, AGEXPORT’s Garments & Textiles Association donated 25 medical coats worth Q500 each (US$65).

To guarantee that all fire departments and their ambulances have supplies to apply health protocols, AGEXPORT’s Cosmetics and Hygiene Sector donated 2,523 hand sanitizer units, 2,786 soap bars, 400 liters of chlorine, 402 laundry soap packages, 235 liters of multi-purpose disinfectant, toilet paper, shampoo, chlorine, antibacterial soap, among other supplies.

Our union will guarantee that, as a country, we will leave the current pandemic stronger as a country, which is why we answered the call to protect our heroes. 10 of our member companies donated cleaning kits, hygiene products and others worth a total of Q99,500 (US$13,000) to our fire departments; said Mr. Orlando Solórzano, Vice-president of AGEXPORT’s Cosmetics and Hygiene Commission.

We thank the support of companies that provided us with special equipment and hygiene products, which will be distributed nationally so that all firefighters that are on the frontline, not only of this pandemic but of other emergencies as well; said Mr. Giovani Cordon, Lieutenant of the Fire Department.

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