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The Aquaculture industry in Guatemala sets the goal of achieving sustainable growth for the next five years

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The aquaculture industry in Guatemala has been able to conquer clients in the European Union, the United States, Mexico, Japan and Taiwan. This has allowed these companies to increase production from 22 million pounds of shrimp in 2015 to 38 million in 2019.

This industry estimates a steady growth of 10%. Yet, Guatemalan producers and exporters need to diversity to new markets. This is the strategy behind the 2nd Aquaculture Symposium called “Achieving Sustainability through Innovation”, which would allow these companies to obtain information easily, along with trends and contacts to innovate on products like shrimp and tilapia; said the president of AGEXPORT’s Aquaculture Symposium Organizing Committee, Juan Carlos Bolaños.

The most important added value of the Aquaculture Symposium is the fact that it will gather in Guatemala a group of international experts who will share key information on scientific findings, technological progresses and best practices related with fishery and aquaculture. This year’s Symposium will take place in May 7-9th, 2020 in Santo Domingo del Cerro, Antigua Guatemala.

For the shrimp-growing business, increasing our competitiveness necessarily imply using state-of-the-art technology, innovation and the implementation of good practices for sustainability. This is why we are putting in place a program of 25 conferences with researches and experts from Vietnam, India, Mexico, Norway, the United States, Colombia, Ecuador and the Netherlands on aquaculture pathology, nutrition, genetics, technology and markets; said Mr. Bolaños.

Among the experts that will participate in this event are: Dr. Fernando Aranguren (USA); Dr. Albert Tacon (USA); Dr. R.C. Subhashini (India); Allan Davis (USA); Lachlan Harris (Ecuador); Mike Corser (Guatemala) and Gabriel Biguria (Guatemala).

The conferences on tilapias will be taught by: Dr. Gina Conroy (Venezuela); John Herwinjen (the Netherlands); MSc. Gabriel Luna (Ecuador); Dr. Jairo Amezquita (Colombia) and Dr. Morten Rye (Norway).

The event will also include an exhibition floor for providers of the industry to display their goods and services. To purchase tickets for the event and know more about the conferences, visit

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