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Tech entrepreneurs and SMEs need broadband infrastructure to expand their services internationally

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Software and digital content development, creative companies, sustainable tourism, health and wellness tourism, laboratory analysis and logistics services are some of the areas where AGEXPORT’s Services Sector focuses on.

The Services Sector has been a perfect complimentary sector for all products offered from Guatemala to more than 100 countries around the world. It is also a perfect opportunity for professionals, entrepreneurs and young Guatemalans to start small and medium companies and generate employment opportunities for many highly skilled Guatemalans. Yet, this sector needs several actions to achieve higher development. Six of the most important actions needed from government authorities are detailed on AGEXPORT’s proposal “Returning to a Job Creation Pathway”: trade promotion activities, foreign investment attraction, improvement of this industry’s legal framework, training, funding opportunities and expansion of the country’s broadband infrastructure; said Mr. Amador Carballido, AGEXPORT’s CEO.

This proposal remarks that one of the most important areas to focus on is human capital and the improvement of its current capabilities. The government needs to offer technical training on areas with the highest demand from companies in this industry. This sector has already launched its training program called “digital talent” that focuses on training young Guatemalans on information and communications technologies. Yet, the sector still needs the development of special training programs on English, among other topics. The government also needs to add English courses on elementary and secondary schools to guarantee employment opportunities for the future labor force.

There is an increasing demand for different services, both in developed and emerging markets, and Guatemala has unique social and cultural characteristics to offer significant strategic advantages to our main trading partners. Yet, the country needs that the upcoming government authorities focus on implementing several actions to generate a favorable environment and increase national and international investments; said Mr. Carballido.

There are already success stories on our services sector with important achievements. For example, communities of Tecpan (Chimaltenango department) joined hands and are already succeeding on sustainable tourism promotion activities. We also have another company that currently attends international companies with different audio and video productions, offering formal employment for 100 Guatemalans; said Mrs. Aida Fernandez, manager of AGEXPORT’s Services Sector.

AGEXPORT’s proposal “Returning to a Job Creation Pathway” details different challenges that services companies currently face in Guatemala, including lack of trade promotion and foreign investment attraction, lack of technological parks and free zones for this type of companies, lack of specific legislation to boost the development of this industry and its competitiveness in international markets, lack of international agreements to prevent double taxation, high logistics costs, among others.

To download AGEXPORT’s proposal, access the Competitiveness Observatory at


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