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Pursuing more competitive trade operations in Guatemala

logística en Guatemala

On August 6th, 2019, AGEXPORT’s Logistics Services Commission (SIEX, for its acronym in Spanish) will host the third edition of its Authorized Economic Operator Congress, jointly with the Guatemala’s Tax Administration Superintendence, the Chamber of Industry, COMBEX-IM, APM Terminals and the Association of Maritime Shipping Companies.

Authorized Economic Operator is an international recognition issued to companies along the logistics chain to allow these companies to dispatch goods with international destinations easier and guarantee strict security measures. This credential is issued by the countries’ customs authorities through a self-evaluation process to guarantee the implementation of good practices and safety measures along the logistics chain.

Guatemala’s continuous work to become more competitive and efficient on its import and export procedures complement those of the Authorized Economic Operator’s certification: ease trade and make it more agile through the recognition of trustable and secure companies, including importers and exporters, warehouses, logistics companies and others along the logistics chain.

The event will host keynote speakers which will explain best practices on customs services in Latin America and the Caribbean. It will also have the participation of national trade-related companies, government authorities (including key Customs authorities) and other key national and international actors.

To know more about the event and about the Authorized Economic Operator certification and how to be registered for this status, please contact congresooea@agexport.org.gt and siex@agexport.org.gt

  • In collaboration with Mr. Victor Montiel, president of the Authorized Economic Operator Congress’ Organizing Committee.


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