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“ON”, the first event to boost innovation, digital entrepreneurships and display what technology can do to improve businesses

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AGEXPORT’s Software Development Commission (SOFEX) established a key alliance with Campus TEC seeking to the organize a business meeting called “ON”, with the objective of building important links between innovation and digital transformation and close existing gaps in Guatemala. With this event, AGEXPORT will work to display Guatemala’s technology industry and create links with key private sector actors with software development and technology firms and allow technological solutions to boost productivity in Guatemala. During the event, special success stories will be presented to demonstrate how companies are already taking advantage of technology as a key business tool.

We recognized the urgent need of research, development and innovation to meet what the market demands nowadays on different industries considering the effects of the Fourth Industrial Revolution. With this in mind, we decided to join our event Hightec with Campus TEC’s event DisrupTec into one single event called ON, where we expect to gather more than 350 entrepreneurs, exporters of different services, academia, CEOs and CTOs. We hope that with this platform we create the appropriate environment for the development of new technology projects and boost competitiveness in all industries of Guatemala, said Mrs. Lorena Bin, member of the event’s organizing committee.

According to Mrs. Bin, more than 2,000 technology and software-development companies are currently part of the value chain of different products exported globally. Many companies that export non-traditional agriculture products use information technologies nowadays. With the usage of these technologies, firms are able to duplicate production, optimize the usage of raw materials and allow traceability on their products.

At Campus TEC we are a unique platform for the development of technology projects in Guatemala. We provide physical space and education opportunities to develop unique skills. Our ecosystem of 26,400 sq. mt (284,167 sq. ft) among our 1st, 2nd and 3rd phases host more than 250 companies that create around 500 new jobs yearly. We hope to support Guatemala by being a center for innovation and development of new technologies; said Mr. Arturo Samayoa, CEO of Campus TEC.

The first edition of ON will take place on July 18th, 2019 at the headquarters of Campus TEC (Via 4, 1-00 zone 4, Guatemala City) from 7:00 to 18:00 hours. The event will be open for businessmen, exporters, entrepreneurs, tech developers, investors and everyone interested on digital transformation and innovation. It will focus on topics like inventions and patents, application of technology on construction and civil engineering, artificial intelligence, usage of drones for agriculture, cybersecurity, data-driven decisions and a keynote speech from Mrs. Maria Garcia from Spain, who is expert on corporate culture and team leadership.

We want to display what technology can do for companies, which we expect to show with the 16 conferences we have planned for this event. The conferences will be taught by both Guatemalan and international experts who will motivate participants to create tech projects with our advisory and counseling to offer their services abroad; said Mrs. Bin.

The opening speech is called “export-led entrepreneurships” and will be taught by experts from Campus TEC and AGEXPORT. The event will also host a special space for networking, discussion panels and an exhibition floor. To receive more information and register to participate in ON, contact beatriz.sanchez@agexport.org.gt and follow the event’s social networks at “Encuentro Tecnologico Guatemala”.

Guatemala has incredible talent on different tech and digital skills. We currently have more than 3,500 direct jobs, a figure that could be easily increased if young Guatemalans outside Guatemala City receive specific training on different skills needed to excel in this industry. Our companies located in Guatemala City are already experiencing excellent results with workers from areas like Sacatepequez, Chimaltenango, Quetzaltenango and Retalhuleu, who work from home or in shared spaces without having to move to the City; said Mr. Devadit Barahona, president of AGEXPORT’s Sofware Development Commission.

AGEXPORT’s Software Development Commission has taken Guatemala to be internationally recognized and currently register yearly exports of more than US$38 million. It also creates 3,500 direct jobs and 27,000 indirect jobs. The industry also impacts its employees’ living conditions, with a salary between 2.5 and 3 times higher than the minimum wage. On average, employees of tech companies receive a monthly salary of US$700, which can go as high as $1,500 – $2,000 depending on the employee’s professional experience.

Additional data

  • One of the success stories that will be present at ON 2019 is Platzi, an online education platform co-founded by a Guatemalan businessman. The Mexico Country Manager of Platzi, Mr. Diego Miramontes, will attend the event and share his experience with the company’s new business model and the importance of online training on both employees and the business community as a whole.


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