Guatemala’s innovative geriatric center specialized on Alzheimer, the first of its kind in the region


Guatemala hosts the first geriatric center for integral care that specializes in Alzheimer. Its name is “Casa de los Angeles” and it’s a member of AGEXPORT’s Health and Wellness Tourism Commission. The company takes care of patients from the United States, Europe and Guatemala at a lower cost compared with other countries. This service is part of the already-existing portfolio of health services offered in Guatemala and that on 2018 generated revenues of more than US$75 million.

Guatemala offers a wide range of specialized medical and wellness services to international patients, which is why it is becoming a popular destination for health tourists from countries like the United States, Canada, southern Mexico and Central America. The country stands out for its technology, quality, accessibility, hospitality and competitive costs.

Health and wellness tourism has increased globally in recent years. Nowadays, more than 15 million people travel each year to get medical attention abroad, spending on average between US$7,475 and US$15,833 per visit. This impacts the entire value chain and has made possible that Guatemalan firms generate revenues of more than US$75 million with these services. For 2018, we estimate a revenue increase of more than 14%, said Dr. Guillermo Contreras, president of AGEXPORT’s Health and Wellness Tourism Commission.

On 2018, this Commission focused on defining the portfolio of services to be advertised internationally. This allowed member companies to define their growth strategy and diversify their offered services to meet the demand of international tourists and patients. Added to this, the Commission also partnered up with the Guatemalan Tourism Institute (INGUAT) to train more than 400 companies in the value chain (including businessmen, health professionals and health centers).

AGEXPORT’s Health and Wellness Tourism Commission also experienced on 2018 a 55% increase in the participation of its members on different activities, which displays the enormous potential of this type of tourism and the strategies that can be undertaken to display Guatemala as a leader in health tourism, said Dr. Contreras.

Andrea Vides

Guatemalteca, periodista desde hace 11 años. Apasionada por la comunicación. @avides_vgt