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Guatemalan tech services exporters are ready to meet clients’ demands


A company that produces and exports traditional products can easily duplicate its production, optimize consumption of raw materials and improve the traceability of its products with the usage of technology. Business intelligence, digital marketing, customer relations management, enterprise resource planning and other revenues and expenses control platforms are some of the technology services a company can implement, along with online learning and management software, to improve their competitiveness.

Technology is nowadays not a luxury or an additional tool for a company, it is the key to achieve sustainable growth. In fact, intangible technology has been the key for countries like India, Costa Rica and Colombia to increase formal employment opportunities, attract foreign investment and improve their economies. During the first edition of our main event “ON”, we seek to demonstrate to all companies and entrepreneurs how strategic investments in technology takes companies to the next level, opening doors to new business opportunities and higher growth; said Mr. Devadit Barahona, president of AGEXPORT’s Software and Digital Content Commission.

“ON” is the first business meeting on technology topics, organized by AGEXPORT’s Software and Digital Content Commission in alliance with Campus TEC. This event offered 18 conferences, most of them given by Guatemalan experts that have been able to cross borders with their unique talent in the technological field and make a mark in Guatemala’s technological history.

We chose “Culture 4.0” as the main topic for this year’s event and selected Mrs. Maria Garcia (co-founder of Smart Culture), to share with us how an industry model connected with data processing services can become a powerful tool for sales and marketing as it can provide statistical data, consumption trends and other key information; said Mrs. Lorena Bin, member of the event’s organizing committee.

The rest of the conferences were organized around four strategic pillars: e-commerce, agriculture technology (AgTech), Industry 4.0 and education technology (EduTech). The 18 conferences were given by Guatemalan, Spanish and Mexican experts in the field. More than 350 business leaders in all industries were invited to participate at the event, as well as representatives of the academia. The event also offered a space for networking, discussion panels, an exhibition floor and the display of success stories in the technology field.

Campus Tec is a platform created for technology developers and seeks to contribute to the country’s economy by being an innovation center and tech-businesses incubator. With the alliance recently established with AGEXPORT’s Software Commission, we hope to open doors for tech businesses to sell their services abroad. We currently have a tech ecosystem of more than 26,400 sq. mt. and more than 250 tech companies developing incredible services from within our headquarters; said Mr. Juan Mini, founder of Campus Tec.

Additionally, Campus TEC also owns two labs (Edutec and TecLab), where they have trained more than 700 students and offers more than 100 courses yearly.

Due to its high quality, software and digital services are facing an increasing demand from global clients, so much that the sector has experience a steady growth rate between 5 and 7% yearly (combining local demand with international demand of IT and digital content services). We have identified more than 2,000 tech companies that provide developing, digital marketing, IT solution and other related services in the country. To be able to take this companies to offer their services abroad, the support from the academia and of business incubators as Campus TEC is fundamental to face and overcome current challenges such as the need of higher human talent with the required knowledge on different IT fields; said. Mr. Barahona.

According to Mr. Barahona, the software and digital content industry generates revenues of more than US$38 million yearly and offers formal employment for more than 3,500 people directly and more than 27,000 indirectly.

The event “ON” gathered key experts like Mr. Diego Miramontes, developer of Platzi, an internationally recognized e-learning platform; Mr. Alberto Sobalvarro, creator of (strategic partner of e-Bay); and Mr. Nery Guzmán of BlackBox Solutions (a company that applies artificial intelligence to provide added value to marketing, logistics, finance and other services).

Our alliance with Campus Tec marks the beginning of a new era for our industry by joining academia with the main players in the IT industry. We hope to demonstrate that joining forces is key to support not only businesses and entrepreneurs but also the improvement of our human capital; said Mr. Barahona.

Andrea Vides

Guatemalteca, periodista desde hace 11 años. Apasionada por la comunicación. @avides_vgt