Guatemalan Fruits and Vegetables Present in Europe’s Largest Agricultural Fair, Fruit Logistica


French beans, mini vegetables, sugar snap peas, mange tout, baby carrots, meyer lemon, persian and dehydrated lime, rambutan, blackberry, avocado and much more: this is the offer of agricultural exports that Guatemalan entrepreneurs will present in Fruit Logistica. This European fair is the largest event for the fruits and vegetables sector and will take place from February 7th to February 9th in Messe Berlin, Germany

 In an exhibition stand of 134 square meters located in one of the most prestigious halls, Guatemala will present for three days the exports offer of sugar snap peas, french beans, mini vegetables, baby carrots, persian and dehydrated lime, rambutan, avocado, yams , yucca, plantain and blackberry to over three thousand visitors that will arrive to the most important commercial platform in Europe for fruits and vegetables, Fruit Logistica.

Guatemala has become the main provider of vegetables for the European market. This positioning has been a result of our country’s ongoing participation in commercial promotion events such as Fruit Logistica. Consequently, the AGRITRADE platform, the Agricultural Sector and the Department for Market Development and Trade Promotion from AGEXPORT, in collaboration with the Guatemalan-German Commerce and Industry Chamber (AHK) and support by AL – Invest 5.0, a program financed by the European Union, organized the participation of a delegation of important members of the sector. Stated Paola Alvarez, Manager of the Department for Market Development and Commercial Promotion from AGEXPORT.

The exporting companies that will participate in the 26th edition of Fruit Logistica are: San Juan AgroExport, Frutesa, Unispice, Corporación Agrícola Integral Unión de Cuatro Pinos, Ixin Quesal, S.A, Enlasa, Taiwán ICDF, Aliar, Apac-Pnt and Don Limón. In addition, enterprises which provide services such as DHL Global Forwarding de Guatemala S.A., Aliar Agroexport, F& V Selectos, Miami Agro Import and Grupo Hame will be visiting the fair. Our sponsor companies UTS and Grupo Cropa will visit the fair as well.

 The European Union is a market of great importance for the export of Guatemalan fruits and vegetables, due to the fact that their sales volumes reach US$99.9 million. The United Kingdom (US$ 33.5 million), the Netherlands (US$33.2 million), Italy (US$ 22.6 million) and Germany (US$ 5.8 million) are among its main markets. Within this context, AGEXPORT is seizing the opportunity this relevant event provides for Guatemalan agriculture to participate with the institutional brand and image “Guatemala Beyond Expectations. Said Alvarez.

As a part of the activities, the enterprises that are part of the “semilleros” program, which are enterprises in the process of preparation to enter the european market, will tour the most important supermarkets in Berlin, Germany.

European Market interested in “superfoods”

A study carried out by the Market Intelligence Unit of the Department for Market Development and Trade Promotion from AGEXPORT revealed that 43% of German buyers purchase regional and organic products, while 23% of consumers under 30 years of age purchase organic products.

This trend towards concious and healthy eating habits is steering the purchases by supermarkets, in addition to products that are “Ready to Eat”, which are pre-cut, pre-cooked and in small servings.

Additional Information:

  • Guatemalan-German Commerce and Industry Chamber (AHK): this is a non profit organization which has as its primary objective to represent the commercial interests of the German economy in Guatemala and simultaneously facilitate trade and investment between both countries proactively and efficiently.
  • Data collected by the Market Intelligence Unit of the Department for Market Development and Commercial Promotion from AGEXPORT indicates that in 2016 the European Union imported US$75.9 million in fruits and vegetables.
  • Fruit Logistica: includes all the business areas and market participants of the fresh products market, providing a complete vision of all the innovations, products and services throughout the process. Over three thousand expositors from the areas of fresh fruits and vegetables, dried fruits, packaging and labeling, transport and logistic systems, stock management, storage, and production techniques, among others participate every year on an exhibit floor of 124,820 square meters.

Andrea Vides

Andrea Vides

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