Guatemalan Exporters joined hands and donated 71,000 face masks to National Police agents | Agexport Hoy

Guatemalan Exporters joined hands and donated 71,000 face masks to National Police agents

AGEXPORT entrega mascarillas a la PNC

AGEXPORT believes that the COVID-19 pandemic will only be overcome if everyone joins forces and express solidarity and empathy with one another. Therefore, it developed a special plan that starts with providing protective gear to National Police agents.

This campaign, called “Protecting our Heroes”, seeks to gather enough funds so that public servants on the frontline of this health emergency have the necessary tools to protect themselves from the virus. The goal is to be able to donate 100,000 face masks to police officers nationwide.

We need to be able to recognize that we are amid a “new normal”, where it becomes necessary to establish social distancing measures as well as new hygiene norms. With this in mind, we set the goal of delivering face masks and protective gear to all our heroes keeping Guatemala alive, which includes police officers, court judges and firefighters. Our main desire at this time is to be able to protect the health of all of those that are protecting us; said Mrs. Connie de Paiz, AGEXPORT’s President.

These face masks are being produced by companies that are members of the Garments and Textiles Association (VESTEX), member of AGEXPORT. With this, the institution is also protecting the income of all of the families that depend on the textile industry.

The project also plans to focus on other heroes that need to protect themselves while keeping critical economic activities up and running. This includes small agriculture workers in rural areas. With their work, we make sure that Guatemalan families have food supplies and the project wants to guarantee that they can keep doing their activities without putting their health at risk.

We are very happy to see these contributions from the private sector. They are getting involved in finding solutions to this pandemic and they know where to do it. These face masks will be very helpful for our police agents. I believe that it is also an opportunity for businesses to be closer with our citizens. We are very thankful with this donation from AGEXPORT to the National Police Department; said Mr. Edgar Godoy, Interior Minister.
This program also expects to be able to donate face masks to the Constitutional Court and 11,000 face masks to prison guards with a special donation from a company member of the Garments & Textiles Association.

This pandemic needs to bring the best of us as Guatemalans, which will also give us the boost we need to continue with our duties. Currently, the Police Department is getting closer than ever with local communities to be able to overcome the health crisis. We have police agents deployed on different hospitals as well as guarding Guatemalans and foreigners held on quarantine, so having this protective gear is key for them; said the National Police Director, Ervin Mayen.

AGEXPORT calls all Guatemalans to join this campaign and guarantee that nobody stays without a protective face mask.

This campaign to gather funds for face masks will continue and AGEXPORT calls all Guatemalans to join the cause and support Guatemalan heroes by allowing them to have a face mask and prevent further contagions of COVID-19. Each face mask has as value of Q5 and AGEXPORT plans not to stop with the campaign until every Guatemalan that needs to protect its health receives a face mask. For more information, please visit

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