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Guatemala Bird Fair, a world-class event to promote birdwatching tourism and tourism chains in Peten

Aviturismo en Guatemala

Guatemala’s biodiversity allows the country to account more than 700 different bird species and 83 families, opening the opportunity to offer unique bird watching experiences while also allowing visitors to know the country’s Mayan origins and experience different historical and natural destinations nationwide.

With this in mind, the country will host in June 2019 the 3rd edition of Bird Fair, a national event to position Guatemala as a tourism destination for bird watching and at the same time promote Guatemala’s unique sites, strengthen the tourism cluster, promote environmental education and recreation; said the event’s organizing committee.

Guatemala Bird Fair will take place on June 4-9th, 2019 in the Peten, with bird-conservation and its development opportunities as main topic of the event. Its organizing committee is integrated by the National Birdwatching and Wildlife Conservation Association, Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS), CECON, ARNPG and specialized Guatemalan tour operators; and the support of the Guatemalan Tourism Institute and AGEXPORT’s Sustainable Tourism Commission.

Birdwatching tourists are increasing their interest in Guatemala, mainly visitors from the United States and England. According to the United Nations, birdwatching (and related activities) generate revenues of over US$32 million annually. This reflects the importance of taking advantage of this natural resource and generate development opportunities for rural areas in Guatemala. Bird Fair will promote unique eco-tourism destinations at the Mayan Reserve such as “La Cobanerita”, Tayasal, the national parks of Tikal, Uaxactun and Yaxhá-Nakum-Naranjo; said Mrs. Irene Rodriguez, board member at AGEXPORT’s Sustainable Tourism Commission.

During an average week in Guatemala, birdwatchers can identify as many as 300 different regional bird species, as well as other varieties of migratory species. The unique experience offered by the country also include the opportunity to enjoy incredible landscapes as well as cultural opportunities that only a handful of countries in the world can offer

Among the activities planned for Guatemala Bird Fair 2019 are several training sessions and workshops on environmental education, bird recording, usage of specialized birdwatching apps (like ebird and Merlin) given by Dr. Lilly Briggs, Dr. Chriss Wood and Dr. Elliot Miller from Cornell Lab of Ornithology, Cornell University (United States).

All tour operators, ornithologists, researchers, community leaders, artists and birdwatching aficionados are called to participate and exchange experiences with bird clubs of Peten, members of the Mexican Network of Community Monitors, ebird database managers and learn different birdwatching techniques. To register for this event, please contact the National Birdwatching and Wildlife Conservation Association at or visit the official website

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