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Fundesa calls Guatemalans to join forces for a second shipment of COVID-19 tests

pruebas COVID-19 en Guatemala

The National Foundation for the Development of Guatemala (FUNDESA, for its acronym in Spanish) calls Guatemalan citizens and companies to join hands and help Guatemala to fight the COVID-19 pandemic, providing the health authorities with additional test kits.

To participate in this initiative, Guatemalans can support and donate funds on a personal level or as companies. Anyone interested in participating and wanting more information can write an e-mail to or deposit the funds directly to Fundesa’s bank account in Banco Industrial. The account number is 0040009530 and after making the bank transfer, send the deposit proof with name, address, and Tax ID to obtain the corresponding invoice.

According to Fundesa, “different scientific and medical studies, as well as media publications, prove that the countries that are tackling COVID-19 better and flattening the contagion curve are Germany, South Korea and Singapore”.

“The success of those countries relies on the application of strict social distancing measures and large-scale tests for COVID-19 among their populations to successfully detect positive cases”, added Fundesa.

Starting on March 30th, Fundesa, as part of its program to strengthen public health, committed to support the Guatemalan government with the donation of COVID-19 tests to provide the government with the possibility of detect positive cases of this new coronavirus and prevent further contagions among the population.

According to experts from the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the correct application of PCR-type tests allows the identification of genetic material and microorganisms that correspond to the COVID-19 virus.

With COVID-19 cases correctly identified, the government can apply correct social distancing measures, preventing the spread of the virus and providing metical care to parts of the population with higher risks of contagions.

Andrea Vides

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