Families of Patzun and Santa Maria de Jesus received food supplies

Familias rurales reciben ayuda por COVID-19

AGEXPORT`s Peas and Vegetables Commission through its National Peas Foundation (FUNDARVEJA) supported 145 families of two communities in Patzun (Moxolicxot Alto and Mocolicxot Bajo) as well as a cooperative of Santa Maria de Jesus (Cooperative CICODUMA) with food supplies.

These communities are located far from the urban areas of their municipalities and required urgent aid. These communities, according to residents, had not received support from government authorities since the start of the pandemic, which is why they were extremely grateful with FUNDARVEJA as it was the first time they received any help during the COVID-19 crisis; said Mr. Eduardo Calderon, CEO of FUNDARVEJA.

To make this delivery possible, FUNDARVEJA counted with the support of an NGO called Desarrollo en Movimiento and the Municipality of Ciudad Vieja through its Department of Social Works.

To know more of FUNDARVEJA’s programs or if you wish to make a donation, please contact the foundation via e-mail at fundarveja@gmail.com or call (502) 5858-5418.

Andrea Vides

Andrea Vides

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