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European Union’s MCC+ project and SEQUA from Germany train business counselors


Proyectos de la Unión Europea en Guatemala

The European Union’s project MCC+ (More Competitive Cooperatives and SMEs), managed and executed by AGEXPORT, joined hands with SEQUA gGmbH from Germany to start a training program focused on business counselors.

This program took place at AGEXPORT’s headquarters on four days starting on April 23rd, 2019, where 16 consultants that give counseling services to small and medium companies improved their knowledge on how to help companies solve challenges and difficulties when starting to export goods and/or services to global markets.

The German SEQUA project has developed a methodology focused on “core business groups” and have implemented it for more than 20 years on different Latin American, African, Asian and European countries. This has allowed them to learn many practical experiences, success stories and limitations of this methodology.

A “core business group” refers to a group of small or businesses from a similar industry or a strategic alliance of companies that have common objectives. These groups are guided to improve their competitiveness, with help from a business counselor and coordinated by a private sector chamber or association.

This methodology, implemented by AGEXPORT with support from the MCC+ Project, will allow us to help small companies deal with common problems and ease an interaction among them so the solution to these problems come from the companies themselves. This will help them define clear action plans by cooperating with one another. This will also allow the companies to improve their competitiveness and their exporting capabilities; said Mr. Moises Merida, Head of International Alliances in AGEXPORT.

Andrea Vides

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