Download the health protocols that need to be integrated on your business model

protocolos para la exportación

Due to the current health crisis, companies need to implement preventive actions to reduce the risk of having COVID-19 contagions in the workplace. These actions need to prioritize health and care of all workers and their families, as well as clients and suppliers.

With this in mind, AGEXPORT developed “bio-safety protocols” which will serve as guidelines to protect the health of workers and is focused on guaranteeing business continuity and alternative legal procedures for labor relations during the pandemic period.

The development of these protocols include adaptations considering characteristics of different exporting industries, including agriculture, contact centers & BPOs, garments and textiles, aquaculture and fishery, manufacturing and services.

Download the specific protocols for your industry on AGEXPORT’s site for COVID-19:

Andrea Vides

Andrea Vides

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