Mr. Antonio Malouf, member of AGEXPORT’s Directory Board, represented the institution at the Regional Export Congress organized by the Costa Rican Exporters’ Chamber (CADEXCO, for its acronym in Spanish) on July 10th, 2019.

During the event, representatives of trade organizations in Central America analyzed the needs and issues that companies in the region currently face, in order to draft an action plan to raise the competitiveness of Central America.

The members of the Federation of Exporting Chambers of Central America (FECAEXCA, for its acronym in Spanish) are: the Guatemalan Exporters’ Association (AGEXPORT), the Salvadoran Exporters’ Corporation (COEXPORT), the Federation of Producers and Exporters of Honduras (FPX), the Nicaraguan Producers and Exporters’ Association (APEN), the Costa Rican Exporters’ Chamber (CADEXCO) and the Panamanian Exporters’ Association (APEX).

Andrea Vides
Andrea Vides
Guatemalteca, periodista desde hace 10 años. Apasionada por la comunicación. @avides_vgt
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