AGEXPORT’s Directory Board displayed its achievements on 2019 and proyects planned for 2020 at the yearly assembly | Agexport Hoy

AGEXPORT’s Directory Board displayed its achievements on 2019 and proyects planned for 2020 at the yearly assembly

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AGEXPORT’s Directory Board elected for 2020 explained its main objectives for 2020 during its Annual Meeting, which include joining efforts with municipal mayors to develop the competitiveness of local territories, include sustainability principles on the institution’s management strategies, offer new export products to the world and help exporting companies to implement new business strategies. The meeting took place on February 11th, 2020 and included the presentation of the plans for 2020 as well as the election of the institution’s authorities for the year.

Guatemalan exports showed a slight decrease due to both national and international issues that played against the country. Early export estimates expected a significant increase for 2019; yet, real end-of-year figures displayed exports for US$11,183.9 million, an increase of 1.95% compared with 2018.

AGEXPORT’s member companies worked with innovation and dynamism to take advantage of every opportunity that world markets offered in 2019 to develop Guatemala’s potential in these markets. Our efforts were focused on diversifying our world markets and re-conquer countries where we used to stand out. Therefore, we paid special attention in the Asian region. As such, we were able to increase our exports by 48% to Asian countries like China, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates and Malaysia; said Mrs. Connie de Paiz, AGEXPORT’s President.

On other achievements of 2019, Guatemala (among with other Central American countries) increased its exports to the United Kingdom by 26% due to the positive impacts of UK’s exit from the European Union (best-known as Brexit). British consumers demanded more products from the region, mainly sugarcane, alcoholic beverages, cardamom and peas.

We have strong expectations for what is to come in this year 2020. The new government authorities area already taking correct decisions that will surely reflect on easing trade procedures, which in turn will allow us to increase exports and contribute to the development of our country and offer more job opportunities; remarked AGEXPORT’s President.

Among other innovations planned for 2020, AGEXPORT will offer a special training program called “the e-commerce route” to help Guatemalan small and medium enterprises export their products with training lessons provided via e-learning platforms and virtual meetings.

We will continue working to generate business opportunities for our Guatemalan exporters and join them with international buyers using our “Connecting Best Markets” platform. With this tool, exporters and keep in contact with international buyers 24/7. Added to this, we will organize more than 100 trade promotion-events and keep close attention to all disruptive trends taking place internationally to develop innovative products to meet these trends; said Ms. de Paiz.

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