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AGEXPORT’s Peas and Vegetables Committee donates export-quality vegetables to public officials and low-income population


As part of their actions on corporate social responsibility, AGEXPORT’s Peas and Vegetables Committee and FUNDARVEJA joined hands to donate more than 12,000 pounds of export-quality vegetables to orphanages, nursing homes, National Police agents and different municipalities across the country.

For more than two weeks, through FUNDARVEJA we started donating export-quality vegetables to support Guatemalan families in these difficult times. We joined hands with companies in our committee to donate 12,000 pounds of vegetables to public officials and vulnerable communities in the country, specially in the Western region. We plan to keep these donations throughout the emergency period; said Mrs. Gloria Elena Polanco, President of FUNDARVEJA.

The first delivery was made on March 27th, in coordination with Movimiento en Desarrollo of Genesis Empresarial, who managed all the logistics to deliver the products. On that day, 3,450 pounds of vegetables were delivered, including sweet peas, string beans, zucchini, among others. These were donated to different nursing homes and orphanages, including “Villa de los Niños/Aloysius”.

As well, we provided different products to several National Police agents, as a recognition for their hard work during this lockdown period. We delivered to them 3,000 pounds of sweet potatoes, 2,000 of pumpkin, 1,300 pounds of carrots, 500 pounds of sweat peas and 300 pounds of string beans; said Mrs. Polanco.

Added to that, FUNDARVEJA also donated to different municipalities 850 pounds of peas, 600 pounds of baby carrots and 200 pounds of other mini vegetables, which will be provided to the families of students of different public schools in Guatemala City.

AGEXPORT’s Peas and Vegetables Committee invests its resources and focus its efforts on agriculture communities across the country through FUNDARVEJA, with the objective of contributing to the development of agriculture families.

Currently, this sector generates more than 60,000 direct employment opportunities and joins more than three million agriculture workers each year, who make possible the harvest and export of high-quality peas and vegetables. These products are handled with good care and complying with the highest food safety standards in international markets.

For more information about FUNDARVEJA’s programs, please write an e-mail to or call (502) 5858-5418. You can also visit the website

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