AGEXPORT joined the project “Nourish Me” to raise awareness of child malnutrition

desnutrición infantil en Guatemala

AGEXPORT hosted the launch of the “Nourish Me” initiative, which seeks to develop long-term actions to combat child malnutrition in Guatemala. During the event, AGEXPORT committed to participate actively in this initiative.

The first step that this project seeks is to raise awareness of the fact that one in two children suffers chronic malnutrition in the country. The official presentation of this project intended to achieve this objective by gathering together government authorities, representatives of civil society organizations, the academy and business leaders.

At AGEXPORT, we are 100% committed to solve child malnutrition in Guatemala. Our country’s competitiveness and economic growth depends on children achieving their highest potential. We now know how malnutrition impacts negatively the development of our people and it is important that we change this; said Mrs. Leticia Salazar, member of AGEXPORT’s Directory Board.

Mr. Alfonso Bosch, leader of the “Nourish Me” project, said they carried out a kick-off survey to understand which were the main challenges of the country that the Guatemalan population perceived and child malnutrition occupied the 12th position. This clearly indicated that raising awareness needed to be one of the first actions of the project.

At AGEXPORT, we decided to uncover our eyes and join this national campaign. Among other actions, we will promote an education program and offer tools and programs for our member companies on child malnutrition with a special alliance we made with the Corporate Social Responsibility Center (CENTRARSE); said Mrs. Salazar.

“Nourish Me” is a country initiative that seeks to develop long-term actions to combat child malnutrition in Guatemala. Among other actions, the project will raise awareness and work with people to make child malnutrition a topic of public interest among the Guatemalan population. For more information and join the campaign, visit the website

Andrea Vides

Andrea Vides

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