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A Guatemalan company developed an app for risk management regarding COVID-19 contagion

P4each Business App

AGEXPORT launched the mobile app “P4each Business App”, developed by the Guatemalan company Foreach, member of the institution’s Information Technology Outsourcing (ITO) Commission. This app allows users to trace chains of infection of COVID-19 and establish control systems around the issue.

This is an important tool for the country because it allows the possibility to trace back interactions among workers if they test positive for COVID-19 and, in turn, reduce risks of further positive cases; said Mrs. Ana Lucía Contreras, AGEXPORT’s Legal Advisor.

The P4each Business App is a unique platform in Latin America as it identifies places within a company where a worker had been previous from being detected positive for the virus. Using QR codes, the app registers the location of each worker and allow the company’s management to easily identify risk areas if a worker tests positive for COVID-19, in order to identify other possible cases and act accordingly.

With this app, companies will be able to strengthen its epidemiology-surveillance activities and improve preventive protocols in the workplace at an affordable price; said Mrs. Contreras.

At the moment of identifying a positive cases of COVID-19, the app automatically generates an alert to all other workers that had contact with the employee that tested positive up to 14 days prior to the identification of the positive case, so that the company can successfully implement its biosafety protocols.

P4each Business App is the safest way to guarantee that returning to the workplace, following the lockdown imposed by the government, is being done under thorough surveillance and with the possibility to trace back the actions of the mobility of an employee with COVID-19 and prevent further contagion; said Mr. Giovanni Dorigoni, partner at Foreach.

Companies interested on hiring the services of this app can write an email to asesorias.especializadas@agexport.org.gt

Andrea Vides

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