2018: Guatemala is getting ready for 40 events; among them, commercial missions, virtual business roundtables, national and international events


North America, Central America, The Caribbean, South Africa, Europe, Middle East and Asia will be the target markets for the agricultural, manufacturing and services offer of Guatemala. 10 national events will be held, Manufexport, Promueble, Expomueble, Life, Knowledge Trade, Apparel Sourcing Show, New World Crafts, Tech Summit, Agriculture Conference and the First Aquaculture Symposium, furthermore, international halls, exploratory missions, reversed missions, commercial missions, 10 permanent virtual businesses during the year, 3 launchings for new services  and an ambassador summit.

For 2018 the Promotion Department and Markets Development propose, a strategy focused in the identification and facilitation of businesses for AGEXPORT´s partners, as a result events and designed services to approach exporters to known markets where it is required a stronger participation as well as to new markets, who demand, innovated products, services, research actions and Management for information dissemination.  Said the Manager of the Market Development and Commercial Promotion of AGEXPORT.

Innovations of 2018 include new formats of commercial promotion and intelligence markets of specialized markets, where exporters will be able to participate, which will strengthen through information and key markets events.  Guatemala is an attractive country for business as it is convenient and competitive.  We look to increase presence in the Asian market and strengthen the presence in Guatemala in identified key markets with higher potential through innovating activities that show the exporting offer of services and products.

In the search of an economic development boost and competitiveness of the country by electronic platforms, we will have virtual business roundtables among Guatemalan exporters and buyers of Mexico, Canada and South Korea, United Estates, Central America, The Caribbean and Chile. Said Alvarez.


Andrea Vides

Guatemalteca, periodista desde hace 11 años. Apasionada por la comunicación. @avides_vgt